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  • The completion of each project may heavily vary depending on the complexity of the project. Sleeve Studios are dedicated to meet your requirements and beyond, but better quality may take time. It's best if you can provide us with clear deadlines for us to assess the methods and execution-ability of the project.

    Generally speaking, Sleeve Studios is like your All-rounder creative friend, and we will always to do our best to assist your tasks.

  • The cost of each project may vary depending of the required labour, time, and complexity of the project. The price will also depend on the use of the project outcomes. For example, if a Personal Client (Direct Client) is using the outcomes for personal use only, the fees would be lower than Businesses using it for commercial use. Also, the fees will vary depending on the 'scale' of business. For example Sleeve Studios provides lower fees for Business Startups compared to Large Enterprises. This is because Sleeve Studios strongly believes that smaller businesses should be given the equal access and opportunity to high standard creative services.

  • No. Some projects are confidential depending on the sensitivity of project. Generally, Incorporated Clients such as Business Startups, Small Businesses, and Enterprises are required to give Sleeve Studios the liberty to showcase the work done by our team. However, if the project is highly sensitive or confidential, we are always happy to hear you out. For Personal Clients, you are given the liberty to ask Sleeve Studios to keep your commissioning project(s) confidential.

  • Rarely, but yes. If the project contains inappropriate contents or illegal materials, we may reject a project proposal. Inappropriate contents may include; child pornography, racial or sexual abuse/discrimination, any form of hate speech or portrayal of hate speech, content that advocates the doing of a terrorist act, footage of real or simulated violence, criminal activity or accidents from video clips, games or films, content instructing or promoting crime or violence, and more. At Sleeve Studios, though we believe in diverse nature of creativity, we firmly believe that creations must be built on moral and ethical grounds.

  • Our team works from our Head Quarter in Tokyo, as well as across the entire globe including; United Kingdom, United States of America, China, and Korea. Our main communication is done in English or Japanese. If you aren't comfortable with those language, we will do our best to prepare alternative methods of communication.

  • Sleeve Studios accepts most of the major payment methods including the followings. We also accept bank transfers and other forms of payments such as Union Pay for clients from China. However, in some cases, we may not be able to accept debit card transfers due to security reasons.

  • Yes. The Consumption Tax in Japan (also known as VAT, GST or sales tax in some countries) is 10%. This tax is applied to all the project carried out with Sleeve Studios as it is a legal requirement to do so.

  • Once a project is commenced, and both the client and Sleeve Studios have agreed to proceed/start the project, the non-refundable deposit (if applicable) cannot be refunded to the client. Please make sure that when you commence a project, you are confident that the project is unlikely to become discontinued half way through the process of making.

  • Please read out intellectual property policy to find out more about what you can and cannot do in terms of using the contents on this website. Generally speaking, unless the material or the content is made available for download intentionally, you should not download or use any of the published materials/contents here.


    Please also note that each project is commissioned by different clients with different agreements made with Sleeve Studios. This means the material/contents (images, videos, texts) may have different copyright terms.

Frequently Asked Questions 

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