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BMW R18 Night Hawk Concept Bike
Introducing "Hug the Cactus Glove," a motorcycle glove celebrating over a century of American bike history, from the late 1800s to today. The design took inspirations from iconic movies like 'Easy Rider' (1969) which is also an era of automobile revolution for speed and more speed.
Hug the Cactus Glove
Drawing inspiration from the rugged beauty and unpredictable winters of the Cotswolds in England, our project introduces a unique twist to the world of ski boot design. Building upon the renowned Salomon Ski Boots S Pro Alpha model, we've seamlessly blended a strange set of winter colors inspired by the the icy and muddy roads with cutting-edge technology to create a boot that embodies both comfort and performance in equal measure.
'Muddy Winter' Salomon Ski boots Concept
Our Conceptual Pinarello Dogma race bike pays homage to Bradley 'Wiggo' Wiggins' unparalleled career.
Pinarello Dogma Forest Surfer
The phrase “keeping the hitter honest” is used in baseball when a pitcher takes action, or adjusts their performance against the hitter in order to ensure they aren’t gaining what may be seen as an unfair advantage over the pitcher. This conceptual sculpture was designed in 2023 as a 3D model testing project.
Honest Hitter Baseball Bat

Conceptual Design

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