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  • Sleeve Studios is a multidisciplinary creative agency dedicated to pioneering creative advancement, research, development, documentation, and production of innovative products and services that harness the potential of cutting-edge technologies as well as the unwavering disciplines of design and craft. As we strive for excellence, we recognize the pivotal role of intellectual property (IP) in driving our success. This policy serves to establish a robust framework for protecting and leveraging our IP assets, fostering a culture of creativity and invention, and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations governing intellectual property.​

    The scope of this policy encompasses all individuals engaged with Sleeve Studios, including employees, contractors, consultants, and any third parties involved in the creation, development, or utilization of intellectual property within the company's activities. These provisions apply to all stages of IP generation, from conception to commercialization, and to safeguard our proprietary innovations.

    • ​Intellectual Property (IP): IP encompasses a wide range of intangible assets originating from human creativity and includes inventions, discoveries, designs, processes, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, and any other proprietary information that Sleeve Studios generates.

    • Trade Secrets: These are highly valuable and confidential pieces of information unique to Sleeve Studios, which may include formulas, methodologies, know-how, or customer data, contributing significantly to our competitive edge.

    • Copyright: Copyright protects original works of authorship, such as scientific publications, artistic creations, software code, and documentation, ensuring that they cannot be reproduced or used without proper authorization.

    • Trademark: Trademarks are distinctive symbols, logos, phrases, or names that distinguish our products or services from those of others, reinforcing the brand identity and market reputation of Sleeve Studios.

    • Patent: Patents provide exclusive rights to novel inventions or discoveries, preventing others from using, manufacturing, or selling them for a specific period, facilitating market exclusivity and rewarding innovation.

  • A trademark can be a word, phrase, symbol, or design that distinguishes the source of the goods or services. Also, as trade dress, it can be the appearance of a product or its packaging, including size, shape, color, texture, graphics, and appearance (e.g, store or website).

  • Sleeve Studios holds pride in our products because our team have always worked based on the values we share as a company. Our driving passion and vision has given us the motivation to put great efforts in developing each products. We consider intellectual property laws and copyright standards are something that protects our efforts so that we can reduce the risks of devastating consequences of unfair forms of infringements.

    Sleeve Studios maintains rightful ownership of all intellectual property resulting from the efforts of its employees within the scope of their employment or created using the company's resources. To avoid any ambiguity, employees are required to sign IP assignment agreements to transfer the rights to their work to Sleeve Studios, ensuring clear ownership and control.

  • Sleeve Studios understands the critical significance of safeguarding its valuable intellectual property (IP) assets and considers it a foundational element of our success. We adopt a multifaceted approach to protect our IP from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, or infringement. Our commitment to securing our intellectual property extends throughout all stages of its lifecycle, from conception and development to implementation and commercialization. The following are some key components of Sleeve Studios' comprehensive strategy to protect our intellectual property:

    • Controlled Access to Sensitive Information: Sleeve Studios enforces strict access controls to limit the exposure of sensitive IP data to only authorized personnel with a legitimate need for access. We implement role-based access controls, ensuring that individuals can only access information pertinent to their job functions. Regular audits of access logs and permissions are conducted to ensure compliance with these security measures.

    • Password Protection and Authentication: To prevent unauthorized access to our systems and confidential information, Sleeve Studios employs robust password protection and multifactor authentication (MFA) mechanisms. Employees and stakeholders are required to use strong, unique passwords and periodically update them to minimize the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data.

    • Secure Storage and Encryption: Our IT infrastructure is designed to prioritize data security, employing encryption protocols for both data in transit and data at rest. This encryption ensures that even if unauthorized parties manage to gain access to the data, it remains indecipherable and unusable without the appropriate decryption keys.

    • Monitoring and Intrusion Detection: Sleeve Studios deploys advanced monitoring and intrusion detection systems to swiftly identify and respond to any suspicious activities or attempts to breach our network or systems. These systems continuously analyze network traffic and user behavior to detect potential security threats and take immediate action to mitigate any risks.

    • Physical Security Measures: Sleeve Studios implements stringent physical security measures to protect facilities housing sensitive IP and research data. Access to our offices, studios, and data centers is restricted to authorized personnel only, with surveillance systems and entry controls in place to monitor and manage physical access.

    • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs): In our interactions with external parties, such as partners, vendors, or collaborators, Sleeve Studios establishes clear expectations regarding the confidentiality of sensitive information through the use of legally binding non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). These agreements legally bind the involved parties to maintain the confidentiality of disclosed information.

    • Supplier and Partner Due Diligence: Sleeve Studios conducts thorough due diligence assessments of our suppliers and partners to ensure that they uphold stringent data security practices. We collaborate with entities that share our commitment to protecting intellectual property and maintaining high standards of confidentiality.

    • Employee Training and Awareness: To instill a culture of data security and IP protection, Sleeve Studios provides comprehensive training and awareness programs to all employees. These initiatives educate employees about the significance of IP protection, data handling best practices, and the role they play in safeguarding our valuable assets.

    • Incident Response and Recovery Plans: Despite our proactive measures, we acknowledge that no system is entirely immune to potential threats. Therefore, Sleeve Studios maintains robust incident response and recovery plans to swiftly address any security breaches. These plans include protocols for containment, eradication, and recovery, ensuring minimal disruption to our operations.

    By adhering to these comprehensive security measures and continuously improving our data protection practices, Sleeve Studios demonstrates an unwavering commitment to preserving the integrity and confidentiality of our intellectual property. 

  • At Sleeve Studios, the protection of trade secrets and confidential information is of paramount importance as they constitute invaluable assets that contribute to our competitive edge in the creative industries. We instill a deep sense of responsibility among our employees and stakeholders to exercise the utmost care in preserving the confidentiality of these trade secrets, both during their employment with Sleeve Studios and beyond.

    Employees at all levels within Sleeve Studios are extensively educated on the significance of trade secrets and the potential impact of their disclosure on the company's competitive position and reputation. Through comprehensive training programs, employees gain an understanding of the scope and nature of trade secrets within our organization, allowing them to recognize and differentiate between general information and proprietary knowledge. This heightened awareness reinforces the need for utmost confidentiality when handling sensitive data, fostering a culture of trust and discretion.

    Sleeve Studios' commitment to trade secret protection extends beyond theoretical education. We establish robust policies and procedures to control access to confidential information, ensuring that only authorized personnel with a genuine need-to-know can access such data. Through role-based access controls, we limit the dissemination of trade secrets to individuals whose job responsibilities require access, minimizing the risk of inadvertent disclosure.

    To further safeguard our valuable trade secrets, we employ stringent physical and electronic security measures. Physical documents containing sensitive information are stored securely, and access is restricted to authorized personnel. In the digital realm, we implement encryption protocols and secure data storage systems to safeguard against cyber threats and unauthorized access.

    The obligation to maintain confidentiality is not limited to Sleeve Studios' workforce; it extends to our stakeholders, partners, and collaborators. Before engaging in any collaboration, we ensure that confidentiality agreements are in place to protect our trade secrets during the course of these partnerships. These agreements clearly outline the responsibilities of all involved parties to maintain the strictest confidentiality, reinforcing the importance of safeguarding sensitive information.

    We recognize that ensuring the preservation of trade secrets is an ongoing effort. To facilitate continuous improvement, we encourage an open culture where employees can communicate any concerns or potential breaches they may observe. Sleeve Studios has established multiple reporting channels, including anonymous reporting mechanisms, that allow employees to share suspicions without fear of reprisal. We take such reports seriously and conduct prompt investigations to address any issues and mitigate potential risks.

    At Sleeve Studios, we view trade secret protection as a collective endeavor that requires a unified commitment from all levels of our organization. Our leadership actively supports and reinforces the importance of confidentiality and trade secret protection, setting an example for the entire company. This dedication to trade secret preservation ensures that Sleeve Studios remains at the forefront of innovation, providing us with a sustainable competitive advantage and bolstering our position as a trusted leader in the industries we serve.

  • At Sleeve Studios, we firmly believe that innovation and creativity drives our success in the dynamic fields of Creative Agency. We foster a culture of creativity and ingenuity, where employees are encouraged to push the boundaries of knowledge and explore new possibilities. As part of this commitment to innovation, we actively encourage employees to report any inventions, discoveries, improvements, or potential intellectual property (IP) opportunities they encounter during the course of their work. This open and collaborative approach enables us to harness the full potential of our talented workforce and ensures that no valuable innovation goes unnoticed.

    Prompt reporting of inventions and discoveries is crucial as it allows us to identify and recognize valuable IP assets within our organization. By encouraging employees to report their innovations, we create a platform for sharing groundbreaking ideas that have the potential to revolutionize our products, processes, and services. Each reported innovation is carefully evaluated by our IP experts and cross-functional teams to determine its strategic relevance and market potential. This evaluation process ensures that we prioritize the protection and development of the most promising innovations, maximizing their impact on our business.

    Furthermore, reporting inventions and discoveries facilitates the early initiation of IP protection measures. Once an innovation is identified as a potential IP asset, we swiftly take appropriate steps to safeguard it through patents, copyrights, or trade secrets, depending on the nature of the innovation. This proactive approach secures our exclusive rights to the innovation and prevents unauthorized use by competitors, giving us a competitive advantage in the market. By providing a clear process for reporting and evaluating new ideas, Sleeve Studios empowers employees to actively contribute to our innovation pipeline and strengthens our position as a trailblazer in the industry.

  • At Sleeve Studios, our commitment to ethical conduct and respect for intellectual property rights extends not only to our own IP assets but also to the IP rights of others. We uphold the highest standards of integrity when it comes to utilizing third-party intellectual property. Employees and stakeholders are explicitly prohibited from using any copyrighted materials, trademarks, patented technologies, or trade secrets belonging to external entities without obtaining proper authorization or adhering to applicable licensing agreements. This adherence to ethical principles ensures that our business practices align with legal and industry standards, fostering a culture of responsibility and accountability within our organization.

    To reinforce our commitment to intellectual property rights, Sleeve Studios provides comprehensive training and guidance to our employees and stakeholders. Through these educational initiatives, individuals gain a clear understanding of the importance of respecting third-party IP and the potential consequences of infringement. By promoting awareness and compliance with IP laws and regulations, we empower our teams to make informed decisions, reducing the risk of inadvertent infringement and protecting Sleeve Studios from potential legal disputes.

    Sleeve Studios maintains a rigorous system for monitoring and identifying potential intellectual property infringement. Employees are encouraged to be vigilant and promptly report any instances where they suspect that a third-party's IP rights may be at risk. Such reports are treated with the utmost seriousness, and the appropriate authorities within the company swiftly investigate any claims of infringement. In the event that an infringement is confirmed, immediate action is taken to remedy the situation and ensure compliance with legal obligations. This proactive approach demonstrates our dedication to ethical business practices and reinforces our reputation as a responsible and reputable partner in the industry.

  • At Sleeve Studios, we recognize that fostering a culture of intellectual property (IP) awareness and responsibility is pivotal to our success. To achieve this, we have instituted a robust and comprehensive training and education program that extends to all employees and stakeholders involved in IP-related activities. Through regular training sessions and access to educational resources, we aim to equip our workforce with the knowledge and understanding necessary to uphold the highest standards of IP protection and management.

    Our IP training initiatives are designed to empower employees with a fundamental understanding of IP law and its relevance to our business operations. Participants receive comprehensive overviews of various IP components, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. By delving into the specifics of these legal aspects, employees gain a solid foundation on the rights and protections granted to our intellectual property, enabling them to appreciate its intrinsic value to the company.

    Sleeve Studios' IP training goes beyond legalities and emphasizes the significance of confidentiality obligations. Employees and stakeholders are educated on the critical role they play in preserving the confidentiality of sensitive information and trade secrets. They are sensitized to the potential risks and consequences of accidental or intentional disclosures, reinforcing the notion that safeguarding proprietary data is a shared responsibility across the organization.

    Recognizing the significance of recognizing and nurturing potential IP assets, our training sessions include guidance on identifying innovative ideas, discoveries, and inventions within our project development processes. By empowering our teams to recognize and report these assets, we bolster our capacity to protect and capitalize on our cutting-edge innovations, propelling Sleeve Studios to the forefront of our industry.

    To effectively safeguard our proprietary information, employees receive practical instruction on secure document handling, electronic data protection, and controlled access measures. They are encouraged to apply these security protocols in their daily workflows, ensuring that sensitive information remains accessible only to those with authorized privileges.

    Moreover, Sleeve Studios' commitment to IP training extends to our partnerships and collaborations. We provide educational resources to our suppliers, partners, and third-party collaborators to create a shared understanding of the importance of IP protection in all aspects of our business relationships. By fostering a culture of responsibility beyond our organization, we reinforce our commitment to ethical and responsible business practices.

    We understand that maintaining a high level of IP awareness requires continuous effort and adaptation. As such, our training and education program is periodically reviewed and updated to reflect emerging trends, changes in IP regulations, and advancements in technology. By staying current and relevant, our IP training ensures that all employees and stakeholders remain well-informed and equipped to protect our valuable intellectual property effectively.

  • Sleeve Studios recognizes the dynamic nature of intellectual property management and commits to regularly review and update this policy to adapt to emerging trends, industry standards, and regulatory changes. By ensuring ongoing relevance, this policy will continue to uphold Sleeve Studios' dedication to innovation and responsible IP stewardship.

    In adhering to this comprehensive Intellectual Property Policy, Sleeve Studios reaffirms its commitment to fostering a culture of creativity, protection, and respect for intellectual property rights, propelling the company's progress in the creative industries.

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Intellectual Property

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