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In alignment with PHABRIQ MEDIA's overarching vision, we have meticulously crafted a visual identity for the brand's social media presence, drawing inspiration from the nuanced artistry of Japanese poetry. Our approach has been guided by a deep reverence for the ethos and aesthetic sensibilities inherent in this rich cultural tradition. Through a thoughtful fusion of symbolism, color palettes, and design elements, we have endeavored to encapsulate the essence of PHABRIQ MEDIA's ethos and narrative, ensuring that every visual facet resonates harmoniously with the brand's core values and aspirations.
Mic Casting Agency Logo
Embark on a journey through the iconic fashion landscape of America as we celebrate a century of style at Ministry of Sound with Saint Hyro. In this exclusive club event, we pay homage to the evolution of American fashion over the past 100 years, showcasing its influence and innovation on global trends.
Saint Hyro at Ministry of Sound

Visual Identity

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