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An illustration designed for PETLIF's new logo, serving as branding for a Japanese website dedicated to posting information about pet-related facilities, operated by Global Lifespan Limited.
PETLIF Logo Illustration
Bringing creativity to the most innovative field of medicine
Acalah Website Illustration
15 meticulously crafted puffer jackets for AWR, inspired by the raw beauty of brutalist architecture and the understated elegance of wabi-sabi textures.
AWR Puffer Jackets
Designed by Hiromi Saito (Founder of Sleeve Studios) and Illustrated by Zhiyuan Yuan for Near4rest's Saints of Beirut Collection.
Near4rest Saints of Beirut Illustrations
Paradise & Co. SS Collection: Where heaven meets the streets. Drawing from the poetic essence of William Blake and urban culture, this imaginary fashion line merges celestial inspiration with modern streetwear, offering a glimpse into a utopian realm where the divine and the gritty intertwine.
Paradise & Co. SS Collection 2022
Dive into the fusion of rugged cowboy spirit and urban hip hop flair with our conceptual fashion collection, inspired by the deep depths of the West and the pulsating beats of modern hip hop scenes.
Above Snake SS Collection 2022

Illustration Projects

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